Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This is getting more complicated than I expected...

Ok, so the history of the B&O's Pittsburgh Division is requiring me to learn more about the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie. So, I bought a used copy of Harold McLean's "Pittsburgh and Lake Erie." And I'm reading through the parts where the B&O is mentioned and now I see that in the late 1870s the B&O was offered control of the line in exchange for financing. Something that was blown off or pulled off the table by either the B&O or the P&LE respectively. Now I also see that the trackage rights agreement between the two roads from the 1930s got complicated in mid 1963 and I'm going to need to pull some records from St. Louis to find out more. Now, option 1 is to pay for copies, option 2 is to go there. Option 1 is probably gonna be the winner unless I can finagle a way to make it a work trip, but I don't see that happening.

Fun times. Well, back to reading.

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